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True North Rail - 02.png

James Furlong

Co-Director / Project Engineer, BIM & 3D VR Specialist

James is an experienced project engineer and regarded as one of the most preeminent and skilled 3D CAD operators of rail project data in the UK.

James is one of a handful of people who can utilise the Industry standard Signal Sighting tool and is also a member of the steering group advising on development of the tool.

James has been providing Signal Sighting and Design Integration support since 2011 and projects include CrossRail and Liverpool Lime Street Remodelling.

With his background in OLE Design, BIM, Signal Sighting process and multi‑disciplinary interfaces, James is able to identify problems and engineer solutions that help clients to de‑risk detailed design and construction activities, and avoid costs and delays associated with abortive works.

True North Rail - 02.png

Ian Fury

Co-Director / Senior Engineering Manager

Ian is an IRSE Licensed Senior Engineering Manager with 30+ years in the UK Rail Industry, specialising in Design and Systems Integration.

Recent projects include Liverpool Lime Street Remodelling major multi‑disciplinary Hub & Spoke project circa £150 million in value, where Ian developed the initial Project Delivery and Staging Strategy.

As a member of the Liverpool City Region Steering Group, Ian worked collaboratively with stakeholders to agree the Project Delivery and Integrated Transport strategy in order to secure the necessary disruptive access for the scheme.

Ian led and managed the Design Integration between numerous contracting organisations from GRIP 4 through to successful commissioning of the project.

Ian and Jay met on the Liverpool Lime Street Remodelling project, working closely together they realised they shared the same passion for the use of technology and innovative methods to improve the way in which projects integrate and share information.

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