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Design Visualisation

Numerous 3D visualisation solutions for engineering design are available, however, nothing compares to the visual impact of Unreal Engine.

screengrab of TrueSight Design Visualisation feature

The Problem

Simply being able to convey accurate and detailed engineering proposals, even in a 3D environment, can be insufficient when engaging with key stakeholders. Being able to present proposals in a highly realistic and more visually engaging way can often mean the difference between gaining support quickly, and having to engage in a long process of protracted consultation.

True North Brand Curve

The Answer

At True North Rail we bring 3D design data into the Unreal Engine environment, which allows for significantly enhanced, unrivalled visual performance, whatever your project. The kind of high quality visual content this generates can be used to build confidence with stakeholders and clients, promote the objectives of the project, and often garner wider support.

Offers true functionality

Expect high quality visual content coupled with genuine functionality to solve real world problems.

Complements your existing tools

We’re continuously developing the TrueSight toolset as a complementary solution to implement alongside traditional CAD design platforms and emerging digital twin solutions.

Significantly elevates your current data visualisation

If you’re already applying best practice with respect to BIM and digital twin technologies, we can help you take that data to the next level of visualisation efficiently and when it is needed, on a case-by-case basis.

Takes your 2D to 3D

For smaller projects that may be working in a predominantly 2D environment, we can bridge the gap to achieve 3D visualisation.

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