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Immersive Technology for Training

Technology can and should play an extremely productive role in enhancing training and briefing sessions for rail industry staff. Rather than relying on instruction manuals and complex  briefing material as explainers, through gamification we can tell the story in a quicker, more easily digestible way.

screengrab of TrueSight Immersive training technology

The Problem

Much of the training and briefing material provided in the rail industry is 'word heavy'. Staff are expected to read and digest a complex arrary of material and retain this information when carrying out the task.

True North Brand Curve

The Answer

 Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine, we can create accurate full-scale project site environments for training and briefing, allowing a quicker, clearer learning curve for drivers. Using available survey and design data and other contextual sources of data such as AIVR (Automated Intelligent Video Review) and BIM and design integration, we can provide enhanced visualisations that integrate with and complement other digital twin systems.


The result is procedurally-driven realistic landscapes (including photorealism if required), with vegetation and simulation of adverse conditions in weather and time of day. Rather than users being presented with a complex piece of software that attempts to do everything, the gamification of solutions strips away complexity but not usefulness.


Running straight out of the box on platforms such as Mission Room, we can provide project-specific content and tools for multiple use cases such as:

Virtual site safety tours
Digital rehearsal for construction planning
Enhanced safety briefing for major disruptive works
Other bespoke scenarios as specified by the customer
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