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True North Brand Curve
True North Brand Curve

True innovation. TrueSight™

Using your CAD and GIS data, we build a highly realistic and accurate digital 3D model of your project site, and supply all the tools you need to make the most of its purpose. Your digital model comes with the ability to simulate various scenarios (from the impact of bad weather through to natural obstacles effecting line of sight), to help you make informed decisions throughout the lifespan of your project.

screengrab of TrueSight Signal Sighting feature

Signal sighting

Ensure compliance with signal sighting standards and avoid potential delays and costly rework.

screengrab of TrueSight Train Platform Interface Optimisation feature

Train platform interface optimisation

Gain an accurate future view of the station platform remotely, saving time and preventing costly on-site alterations.

Driver route learning

Ensure your enhanced driver briefing material meets essential industry standards and legal obligations, is delivered efficiently, and satisfies all stakeholders.

screengrab of TrueSight Immersive Training Technology

Immersive technology for training

Bring critical safety training to life through virtual and augmented reality tools that bring clarity to learning through simulation of real-time conditions.

screengrab of TrueSight Design Visualisation feature

Design visualisation

Access the very best ‘wow factor’ 3D visualisation technology that leaves its competitors wanting, for maximum client and stakeholder buy-in.

screengrab of TrueSight Design Coordination feature

Design coordination

Enjoy smarter, problem-solving coordination between you and other design parties involved in your projects, with visualisations built by trained engineers.

True North Brand Curve

The problem for Rail Engineering and Construction Projects

The operational railway is an inherently dangerous environment, resulting in significant rules and restrictions on planning and undertaking site works. The requirement to avoid carrying out work ‘on or near the line’ when trains are running means that access to site can be severely restricted in comparison a typical high street environment. Even trying to gather information from site to understand the current constraints and influencing factors can be a challenge.

TrueSight solves the problem by giving you access-all-areas to your construction site in virtual reality instead.

creengrab of computer visualisation created in TrueSight


Fantastic product that has developed from strength to strength. The model has so many uses for both projects and Train Operators making everyday business so much easier. Train Operators resourcing for projects is also reduced due to the validity and flexibility of the model. It allows real time alterations that can be presented to the Signal Sighting Committee and reduces the likelihood of constant rework experienced previously with projects.

Alastair Culff



Using TNRs signal sighting model has allowed interdisciplinary issues driven by signal sighting to be identified at the earliest possible opportunity. Consequently, design amendments can be captured at the next planned update, rather than introducing a separate (pressurised) design cycle at a later stage of the project, which would have more cost and programme impact. In addition, we have been able to clarify the number and type of signals, indicators and train dispatch equipment at a very early point in the project. This introduces more cost certainty, removes cost risk and allows early discussion with equipment manufacturers.

Claire Hulstone

Programme Engineering Manager

Network Rail

The TrueNorth team are perfectly set up for supporting projects with complex signaling inteface. The quality and understanding of project work is unapparelled and I would highly recommend their services to others

Steve O’Hare

Technical Director


True North Brand Curve

True North Rail

True North Rail was formed in 2018 by rail engineers on a mission to bring the rapidly growing technology used in computer gaming to the rail sector. After a period of research and development we initially focused one signal sighting, and in 2020 secured our first competitive tender to deliver the signal sighting model for a major re-signalling scheme. In 2022 we secured our largest project to date, in partnership with WSP, to provide the signal sighting VR model and driver route learning package for the Network Rail Crewe Programme.


We are a collaborative and flexible business, and we work with like-minded suppliers to deliver high quality outputs to our clients. Our approach means we can efficiently support projects ranging from a small station change to a major infrastructure programme. We're a small but powerful self-funding technology business that continues to invest in further development of our toolset and capabilities.


Bring your rail project to life with TrueSight™

We use the latest VR technology to build an exact digital replica of your rail project. With the power to virtually navigate your project site without restriction, and to simulate real-life conditions and their impact, you can plan your project more quickly and efficiently, drastically improve on-site safety, and make cost savings at every step.


Who we work with

We collaborate with a broad range of construction and rail experts from across the industry. Below is a small selection of companies we have worked with to date.

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